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"Girls Gone Wild" faces rape allegations -- plus controversial chemicals in baby bottles, women waking up on the wrong side of the bed and more.

Published October 26, 2006 9:22PM (EDT)

Hindu.com: A media study from India has concluded that despite the influence of globalization and changes in women's real-life roles, images of women in the media remain firmly entrenched in the old dichotomy of slut vs. saint. With a global media like this, who needs fundamentalist clerics?

Akron Beacon Journal: The spectacle of Girls Gone Wild gets even uglier, as the Beacon reports that a 17-year-old girl from Cuyahoga Falls, who danced on a bar all night for GGW's videotaping crews, alleges that one videographer lured her into the company bus and raped her.

Life Style Extra: From the department of "thank God for scientific research -- now let me go back to bed" comes data to prove my foul morning moods are normal. A survey from Britain's Sleep Council has published a report that a majority of women wake up in a nasty humor, with some taking as much as four hours to get over their funk. Why are women crankier in the morning? Interestingly, both reasons cited by the study may not speak to inherent differences in women's bodies, but the invisible toll caretaking exacts on the psyche. According to the survey, more women tend to worry through the night, and in the morning, five times as many women as men begin their days with housekeeping and childcare chores.

SF Gate: Two chemicals that have been linked to cancer are commonly used in baby toys and bottles. The European Union already banned one of the substances -- phthalates -- last July, and San Francisco has a citywide ban on both phthalates and the other chemical, bisphenol A. Now, the San Francisco ban has been hit with a lawsuit -- and as studies pile up showing that the chemicals used in the myriad plastics meant for infants' hands and mouths are toxic, look for more micro-battles waged between the baby-product lobbying groups and legislators around the world.

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