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Rob Thomas makes his Song Search pick!

Salon Staff
November 3, 2006 11:00PM (UTC)

Rocker Rob Thomas is our first Song Search celebrity judge this week, weighing in on Colorform's "Green and White Stripes" and "Motorbike" by the Caterpillars. His pick?

"After listening to these two really great songs, I've chosen 'Green and White Stripes' by Colorforms. For me, I judge every song by the same scale, and that is: 'Does it take me somewhere?' This song has all of the elements that I love in Beth Orton and Cat Power. I'm supposed to be judging the song, but it's hard to not be taken in by the dreamy production and the singer's oh-so-engaging voice. If I were to run across this song on iTunes, I would certainly buy the album. Yeah Colorforms!"


The songs again (click link to listen):

"Green and White Stripes," by Colorforms

"Motorbike," by the Caterpillars

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