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Gang rape victim gets 90 lashes, and more.

Melissa Lafsky
November 4, 2006 2:41AM (UTC)

Fox News: A court in Saudi Arabia has sentenced a gang rape victim to 90 whip lashes. Her crime? Being caught in a car with a man other than her husband. Meanwhile, her rapists were sentenced to punishments ranging from 1,000 lashes to as few as 80, plus one- to five-year prison terms. The victim's family intends to appeal the sentences for the rapists, which they consider inadequate, but announced no plan to appeal her sentence as well.

Again Fox News: Danish researchers have presented evidence that HPV tests are more effective than Pap smears in identifying older women at high risk for cervical cancer. According to the study, a substantial number of older women with negative Pap smears also tested positive for HPV, indicating that they had a greater than 20 percent chance of developing cervical cancer within 10 years.


MonstersandCritics: The first official Asian Women's Film Festival opens today. Set in Kozhikode, a coastal city in northern Kerala, India, the festival will include 24 films, all of them documentaries, submitted by women from countries including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and India.

China Daily: Chinese women are catching up to men in consumer power as they gain increased economic independence, according to a speaker at the annual China Luxury Summit in Shanghai. Luxury spending in particular, which until recently was 90% dominated by men, has seen a huge swing, with young women beginning to supplant men over 35 as the principal consumers of luxury goods.

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