Hewitt: Santorum's going to need lots of lawyers!

Blogger and GOP mouthpiece Hugh Hewitt spends the afternoon wringing his hands about voter fraud.

Alex Koppelman
November 8, 2006 2:23AM (UTC)

In our previous post about GOP allegations of voter fraud, we said it was worth keeping an eye on whether, and where, the Republicans are alleging that their voters have been intimidated, suppressed or otherwise disenfranchised.

One good way to do so is to follow what the GOP's mouthpieces in the media are saying. For that, perhaps no one is better than Hugh Hewitt, the radio host and blogger who often serves as an unabashed propagandist for the White House. His four most recent postings, as of this writing, are all about allegations of Democratic voter fraud and suppression. In one, a source e-mails him, prompting him to warn of election machine failures in Pennsylvania, and to suggest that a recount will be necessary. It's worth noting here that polls have long shown Republican Sen. Rick Santorum and Republican gubernatorial candidate Lynn Swann far behind their opponents, much as polls in Ohio -- one of the first states where we noticed this theme -- have suggested a potential Democratic sweep of statewide races.


In another of Hewitt's posts, a source warns again about Pennsylvania, and about Missouri, the location of one of the country's key Senate races. And a third directly quotes RNC chairman Ken Mehlman discussing the issue of voter fraud -- where Hewitt again emphasizes Pennsylvania, and another key race, the Madrid/Wilson House race in New Mexico. He also runs down allegations from Kentucky, Florida and Minnesota, among others.

But some races aren't looking too salvageable for the GOP at this point, no matter the spin tactics or the last-minute money appeals. And Hewitt's got one for Santorum, playing off all the fraud hullabaloo. In a post titled "Paying for the Lawyers," Hewitt writes, "Rick Santorum is going to have to pay for many lawyers. If you have any leftover dollars, send them to Rick."

Alex Koppelman

Alex Koppelman is a staff writer for Salon.

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