Emergency alert: Vote Republican

The station that gave birth to Rush Limbaugh's radio show jams 17 others with a Republican advertisement.

Published November 7, 2006 6:11PM (EST)

When Sacramento radio station KFBK took over the airwaves at 17 Northern California radio stations Monday for its monthly test of the Emergency Broadcast System, listeners probably expected to hear the usual scratchy tone and the familiar language about what would be happening if there were an "actual emergency."

They got all of that -- plus a radio spot for Dick Mountjoy, a Republican running against Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein. KFBK station manager Jeff Holden says it was just "operator error," but the general manager of one of the commandeered stations says it would have taken "some amazingly egregious negligence to not notice it for two minutes."

KFBK, owned by Clear Channel Communications, is the station that gave birth to Rush Limbaugh's radio show.

By Tim Grieve

Tim Grieve is a senior writer and the author of Salon's War Room blog.

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