What else we're reading: Election edition

Some of our least favorite politicos are going down. And soon enough the first female speaker of the House will be sworn in.

Tracy Clark-Flory
November 8, 2006 10:46AM (UTC)

If, like us, you're glued to the election results as they come in, you may not have caught up on all your feminist news today. Here are the biggest stories we didn't get to or that are just now developing.

War Room: We're sticking out our virtual tongues at you, South Dakota Legislature! It's projected that the state's sweeping abortion ban is going down. A statement from NARAL, Planned Parenthood and the ACLU said the outcome proved that "even in one of the most conservative states, Americans will not stand by and allow politicians to endanger the lives and health of women by restricting their constitutional rights."


CNN: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi -- the so-called San Francisco liberal -- declared victory tonight. We've ventured down this road before, but, it's worth restating: Were Bush and Cheney to die or leave office, Pelosi would become the first woman president. Seriously. But let's not get ahead of ourselves: We'll happily celebrate the first female speaker of the House.

Another satisfying report from CNN: It's projected that Rep. Don "The Choker" Sherwood will lose the battle for the House against Democrat Chris Carney. Maybe Sherwood's $500,000 settlement with his former mistress wasn't enough to erase voters' memory of her accusation that he'd choked her.

Feminist Daily News: Anyone remember Kansas attorney general Phill Kline, the schmo who stands accused of leaking confidential patient records to Fox News' Bill O'Reilly? He's the same guy who angled to define sex between teens under age 16 as rape. Thankfully, it's looking like he'll be searching for a new job. Too bad O'Reilly's post at Fox wasn't on the ballot.

Associated Press: It looks likely that Oregonians will toss out a measure that would require parental notification before an abortion is performed on a minor. Meanwhile, we're chewing off our fingertips waiting for word on California's parental notification measure. And readers are sounding off on the why they think the measure is anti-feminist.

Update: Despite abortion foes dirty campaign tactics, parental notification in California has been defeated once again.

Tracy Clark-Flory

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