"A challenge to Michael Richards"

A lawyer's involved, and you know what that means.

Published November 28, 2006 2:39PM (EST)

High-profile attorney Gloria Allred has two new clients: the two alleged targets of Michael Richards' now-infamous racial tirade. Last week, Allred issued a "challenge" to Michael Richards via the "Today" show (toward the end of the following clip). But first, we hear from the two men, who provide more details of what Richards allegedly said before that camera phone began to the debacle. Should Richards owe money to the men for, as Allred puts it, "pain that he has inflicted on them"? Isn't Richards protected by the First Amendment - which, by the way, won't assist his career freefall. Our suggestion for Allred's proposed "retired judge": Judge Reinhold.

By David Puner

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