Miho Hatori has a favorite

The Cibo Matto frontwoman plays Song Search judge.

Published December 1, 2006 6:00PM (EST)

Our final celebrity judge is Cibo Matto singer and songwriter Miho Hatori, and she's very enthusiastically picked between this week's two contestants.

"I like 'Getaway Car,' from Grey Revell!!! It's interesting and fun!! Nice groove and good drum sound. I like that he is using effects a lot, not being afraid of them, but in a good way. He has a unique style and good melody. I vote for him!"

Listen to the songs once more (click links)

"Getaway Car," Grey Revell

"End of Summer," Masonic

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Miho's gone with "Getaway Car" -- which song do you think should make it to the finals?

By Salon Staff

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