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Weighing in this week on weight, and why the measure of a woman shouldn't be in ounces.

Published December 1, 2006 11:46AM (EST)

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The Male/Female Question Box II: Show Me Yours and I'll Show You Mine

Macdaffy - 08:47 pm Pacific Time - Nov 26, 2006 - #2691 of 3022

I had this thread in mind as I walked through Costco in Kona this afternoon. The thinness fetish hasn't gained a foothold here. There was an absolutely gorgeous Polynesian girl in her late teens. She weighed two hundred if she weighed an ounce, but her carriage exuded sex. Women who come here from colder climes on the mainland lose some of their self-consciousness about body image because it's so hot here. Dressed in one-piece bathing suits with a pareio around their hips, I saw women who probably wouldn't dare dress that way at home walking through the store with no trouble at all.

There were plump Asian women in miniskirts wearing low-cut tops, denim mini-skirts, designer sunglasses, and those sandals with the heel just high enough to push the ass out a bit (the "Me-Love-You-Long-Time" look, for lack of a better term).

Women of size are inherently sexy to the majority of men in the world. They are the embodiment of fertility, motherhood, and comfort. Their sturdiness implies the ability to give as good as they get sexually. That scares a lot of men.

Just like there are societies who allow women to bare their breasts, there are societies where weight on women is an aphrodisiac. A sign of health. An emblem of prosperity. We in America do not live in a society like that. But there are subcultures in America who do live, and believe, and think that way.

Beauty and confidence come from within. Shame on the shallow bastards whose love can be swayed by something as mutable as weight.

Avoir du pois: The Fat Thread

Shades of V - 12:57 pm Pacific Time - Nov 27, 2006 - #47 of 270

Ode to being fat: 10 great things, 10 not so great things

Scream with me, ladies and gents, because these things SUCK:

1. Seats on an airplane, in a theatre or on a theme park ride. The cushion might be ok, but try sitting 4 hours on a plane or in a 2 hour show with your arms tucked into your body.

2. 16-inch chains at the jewelry store that are just a bit too much like chokers so you have to pay to add some links.

3. The clothes that assume you're 5'11" if you're a size 18.

4. Trying to find an adept way to put "big girl" in your personal ad without the adjectives "thick," "BBW," or some other fat speak, and without being deceptive.

5. Getting the "look" when you go to the gym. You know which one I mean.

6. Spending $60 on that Enell sports bra, because your breasts, which should be a C, are now a DD, because you can't run without looking like you'll knock yourself unconscious.

7. Not being asked about that 3K or 5K race over the weekend at the water cooler, because not only do they assume you didn't run it/walk it, they assume you couldn't make it up the 10 flights of stairs to the office without requiring oxygen and a cardiac monitor.

8. The 5 pounds that creeps back in after you triumph over the 10 you lost.

9. The "Marsupial pouch." I hate this thing.

and the worst (for me at least)

10. Being afraid that everyone sees you only as your weight.


1. We're often much more comfortable with our bodies than skinny women.

2. We give much nicer hugs.

3. We don't shriek when we get a stretch mark -- there's a few there already.

4. We fight harder for respect; it makes us better individuals.

5. We're not expected to eat (just) salad on a date; go on, girl, order that steak!

6. We can drink a lot more than our thinner contemporaries without getting trashed. WOO HOO for daiquiris and martinis!

7. Say it with me; in fact, smile as you look down knowing that ass looks great with a little extra cushion: CURVES.

8. On that note, the DD's that should be a C get some fabulous attention.

9. Confidence. I've known more size 2 women who were petrified to express themselves, and size 20 women who knew who they were, and what they wanted out of life.

10. We're so much better lovers. "Once you go fat, you never go back" - Monique

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