"This is not hockey"

Ice Capades in Asia: Big-time brawl.

By David Puner
Published December 4, 2006 10:08PM (EST)

As reported by the following video's YouTube poster -- the hockey melee that unfolds took place on Sunday between the Japanese Nikko Kobe Ice Bucks and the Chinese Changchun Fuao in what we can only assume is a break from regulation Asia League play. But, because we shouldn't assum, you can try to figure it out yourself. Here is the hefty first sentence from the Google-translated Ice Buck's official game summary: "On the 3rd at the Kobe port island sport center it faced the tournament of the sunlight Kobe ice backs anti-Nagaharu wealth inner part which was done, in 3 to 1 of the ice backs, in 2nd period 14 minute 14 seconds, unjust check of the Nagaharu team player to the ice backs player both teams it entered was disordered in opportunity and scuffle started, became tournament discontinuance." Phew. We think this copy confirms our YouTube poster's account but, then again, you could twist that sentence up to corroborate virtually anything. Regardless, there's a lot happening on ice and we're glad the sound guy didn't cut the Bananarama, which nicely adds to the action.

David Puner

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