SNL elevator "Lost" again

Another slow ride to nowhere -- this time with Matthew Fox

Published December 4, 2006 3:24PM (EST)

We may be in the process of not liking "Lost" anymore but, the verdict is still out (we'll have to wait another two months before another maddening new episode airs). SNL, however, is a decidedly different story. Here's another one of those interminable SNL elevator rides this one from this weekend's show, hosted by Matthew Fox from "Lost." This faux elevator either belongs to the world's tallest fictitious building or is the carrier of a slow winding ride to TV heaven. Hmmm, if we recall correctly another Fox  Michael J., specifically  experienced an interminable elevator ride in 1991 with Kevin Nealon and Dana Carvey when the two "fans" sang the theme to "Family Ties." That sketch, comparable to this one, seems positively genius. Here now is your chance to weigh in on the current state of SNL.

By David Puner

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