Obama, Gingrich and the Bush twins

Discuss among yourselves.

By Tim Grieve
Published December 5, 2006 8:32PM (EST)

Three wise men? Discuss among yourselves:

Markos Moulitsas Zúniga on Barack Obama: "Standard caveats aside (it's early, we don't have a set field, blah blah blah), it's hard to see how Barack Obama loses the [Democratic presidential] nomination barring scandal or the mother of all gaffes ... There's one thing that could put a skid on Obama's fast rise -- an Al Gore entrance into the race. Other than that, I don't see a way anyone stops him ... What's more, Obama would then be tough to beat in the general. He would very well be the favorite in that race, even against a McCain."

Newt Gingrich on the freedom of speech: "We need a serious dialogue -- not knee-jerk hysteria -- about the 1st Amendment, what it protects and what it should not protect ... We need an expeditious review of current domestic law to see what changes can be made within the protections of the 1st Amendment to ensure that free speech protection claims are not used to protect the advocacy of terrorism, violent conduct or the killing of innocents."

Michael Kinsley on the Bush twins: "No amount of eloquence can overcome the bald contrast between" Bush's "rhetoric" on Iraq "and how his own family lives." "His daughters are over 21, and he can't control them, but that doesn't let them off the hook. They are now independent moral actors, and their situation requires that they either publicly oppose their father's war or do something to support it."

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