Fox News: "YouTube, YouLearn, YouSteal"

Lock-picking 101 report  you decide.

By David Puner
Published December 6, 2006 6:07PM (EST)

Heres a Fox News report about all those lock-picking how-to videos on YouTube. One thing we learn from the story, as paraphrased by correspondent Douglas Kennedy: lock-picking is what robbery is all about. So, should YouTube be held liable for robberies committed by burgeoning thieves who learn to lock-pick via videos posted on the site? Anchor John Gibson seems to think so, although its a bit unclear when he asks how can they, ah, sort of, live with themselves? whether he means YouTube executives or the people posting the lock-picking vids. Good thing Gibson works for Fox News and can sort of live with himself. One thing Gibson makes clear: you rob his house after learning to pick a lock on YouTube, he's coming after you ... YouTube, that is!

David Puner

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