Roberts' shiner?

Did he borrow his former network's eye logo and put it on his own face?

By David Puner
Published December 6, 2006 10:51PM (EST)

At one point, John Roberts was thought by some to be Dan Rathers heir apparent for the anchor chair over at "The CBS Evening News." But, Roberts bolted the network last February for CNN about a month before Katie Couric announced she would leave NBC to remake the increasingly-irrelevant broadcast. It might seem, in hindsight, Roberts saw the writing on the wall. So whats the relevance of that backstory for this particular Video Dog entry? No sooner had Roberts made the following appearance this morning than the rumors started swirling about his apparent black eye. Does he or doesnt he? If he does, why? Our theory: Couric stole his job, now he finally got her back by stealing her makeup artist. (Cue rimshot!) No need to knock the other eye out, John  "The CBS Evening News" aint what it used to be.

David Puner

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