They love this game

Fans go wild in Belgrade.

By David Puner
Published December 7, 2006 2:46PM (EST)

On Tuesday in Belgrade, a top-grade crowd brawl went down in the Pionir Sports Hall. It turns out, however, the melee didn't take place between fans of the two teams set to compete in that night's ULEB Cup game: Red Star Belgrade and PAOK Thessaloniki (Greek). Instead, fans of Red Star's local rival, Partizan, showed up to support PAOK, and by support we mean piss off Red Star fans (typically, bringing flares inside a sport's facility while supporting the opposing team prompts a volatile reaction). Toward the end of this footage, a riot squad descends upon the blue seats to snuff out the disturbance -- in the same shot, incidentally, is what looks like a Fox Sports' banner. For those of you wondering, during the melee the Red Star City Dance Squad and Foxxy the Red Foxx were safe inside their respective locker rooms. And PAOK won 85-81.

David Puner

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