Laura Bush's red dress inspires re-dress

News: first lady wears elite uniform to event.

By David Puner
Published December 8, 2006 3:47PM (EST)

The fashion police were a bit delayed in filing the following important report with Video Dog but we thought it was noteworthy nonetheless. It turns out Laura Bush showed up for last weekend's Kennedy Center Honors wearing the same $8,500 red dress as three other women attending the event. The first lady changed her outfit, but she's reportedly wearing the same dress in the official presidential holiday photo. So, at least she'll get some mileage out of the red Oscar de la Renta rig the Village Voice's Michael Musto says in this clip, "caresses some of the wrong body parts in the wrong way"

But let's cut the first lady some slack. Here she is during better awkward times  taking delivery of the White House Christmas tree. "So that's a wonderful thing," she points out, acting positively Martha Stewartesque as she's "waiting to have it be December." More awkward banter and a photo op with tree growers and some kids follow. Note: apparently the first lady had not received the Wal-Mart memo. "Happy holidays," she says.

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