Foley, Haggard -- it's suddenly 2006 all over again

A friend of the fallen minister says that counselors are trying to determine whether he's a homosexual.

By Tim Grieve
Published December 8, 2006 6:02PM (EST)

As we await the 2 p.m. release of the House Ethics Committee Report on the Mark Foley scandal, we've been entertaining ourselves with some other 2006 election-season nostalgia. According to a report in today's Los Angeles Times, the Rev. Ted Haggard has put himself in the hands of a team of counselors who are "assessing his spiritual, emotional and mental condition."

"Ted says he's not a homosexual," the Rev. Mike Ware, a good friend of Haggard's, tells the Times. "The restoration team wants experts to evaluate that."

Tim Grieve

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