Memo to Rummy: Don't read the ISG report

On his way out at the Pentagon, Rumsfeld says he stopped reading about the Civil War because so many people died.

By Tim Grieve
Published December 8, 2006 4:22PM (EST)

In his final "town hall" meeting today, Donald Rumsfeld was asked what books he's read while serving as secretary of defense. He said he read a "great many" books, starting with some about America's revolutionary period before moving on to books about the Civil War. Then, he said, "I stopped." Why? "I found the struggle going on -- Gosh, those years, it's so many people killed, and they were all Americans, except for the foreign fighters ... So I've turned away from that." Now, Rumsfeld says, he prefers to read about World War II.

Tim Grieve

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