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BlackBerry orphans! Plus, a wardrobe crisis at the White House.

Published December 9, 2006 3:12PM (EST)

Video Dog: Oh heavens. First Democrats took the House and Senate, and now this: Four women -- including the First Lady -- showed up to a White House holiday party wearing the exact same $8,500 dress. Mrs. Bush changed mid-party, leaving the other ladies to cope with the embarrassment on their own.

Stuff.co.nz: New Zealand women are opting not to file protection orders against domestic abusers. Why? The process is too expensive and orders are poorly enforced, according to critics.

The Wall Street Journal: Woe be unto the multitasking parent who invests in a spiffy new BlackBerry, turns his or her children into "BlackBerry orphans" and must pay the children's expensive therapy bills. Woe.

Reuters: On Thursday Nigerian women gathered in the country's capital to protest their exclusion from state elections, which often get remarkably nasty. "The proceedings were very violent. I saw one man get hacked to death with a machete," one woman said. "How was I supposed to stand up and protest when they rigged the election? It is very dangerous."

Slate: Um, wow. It took two years of studying the penis size of Indian men for a panel to conclude that high condom-failure rates in the country can be attributed to shorter penises. Still, Slate aptly points out: "The failure rate is lower in clinical trials, and many complaints are about tearing, not slippage, so the main problem is proper use, not size."

Novinite: A survey suggests British jurors are more likely to clear a perpetrator of rape if the accuser was drunk during the encounter.

New York Times: Women are increasingly experiencing sore shoulders and stiff necks as a result of larger and heavier purses. Hmm, could this story about the fad of toting a "handbag with a heartbeat," also from the Times, have anything to do with that?

Associated Press: Unsurprisingly, a judge refused to dismiss a man who admitted to shooting and killing a doctor who performed abortions. The shooter had hoped to convince the court that the murder was justified, since, by his reasoning, it saved the lives of unborn babies.

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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