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"Barney's Holiday Extravaganza"

By David Puner
Published December 11, 2006 3:56PM (EST)

When Barney, the Bush/White House terrier/mascot, throws his annual gala, important people (including the Prez himself) take notice. The White House seemingly spared no expense producing the latest "Barney Cam" short (except on writing and editing); a supposedly satiric offering from the first family's beloved doggie. If you think about it, Barney is a lot like his human daddy -- he's purebred, seems out of his element in the White House, and acting isn't a naturally bestowed gift. Is it just Video Dog, or does it seem natural that Tony Snow has conversations with Barney? And, we didn't know Karl Rove was a voice double for the late Don Knotts. Tip for Barney's crew: when Karl Rove is arguably your best actor (runner-up: Emmitt Smith on the cell phone) you're . . . well, you're just pooched.

And here's Keith Olbermann talking about the video being "oddly allegorical in its allusions to the problems plaguing the White House." Barney is at the top of this "Countdown" segment.

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