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Man tries to kill himself on Italian program.

By David Puner
Published December 11, 2006 6:43PM (EST)

Here's a disturbing clip from the Italian television program "Dieci Minute" ("Ten Minutes"). In the footage from last Thursday, Nicola De Martino has recenty been reunited with his son after 12 years and is on the program discussing the plight of fathers who do not have permission to see their children. About three minutes into the segment, De Martino reaches into the breast pocket of his jacket and attempts to self-immolate on-air. He threatens to light a match and is restrained. Then, in perhaps an even more bizarre twist, everyone sits down, De Martino's microphone is reattached, and the segment continues. Allora indeed. [Warning: arguably, seeing a real live person dose himself with gasoline and almost do the unthinkable is a lot more disturbing than watching any kind of scripted suicidal behavior on television -- this is chilling stuff.]

First, here's a short clip with the pivotal moment:

Now, here's the complete segment with lead-up and aftermath. De Martino reaches for his bottle of gasoline around 03:38.

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