Conversations: Laura Dern

The actress talks about the refreshing unpredictability of working with David Lynch.

Published December 13, 2006 8:05AM (EST)

In this week's podcast, actress Laura Dern talks about what led to her getting an executive producer credit on David Lynch's new film, "Inland Empire," in addition to being the movie's star. "I was grabbing bottled water for craft service, I got my own wardrobe, there was no makeup and hair," she says. "It was like working on a student film."

I'm sure a lot things come to you through agents and other sources. It seems like that would be a difficult transaction -- how do you pick and choose?

I have almost always gone with the filmmaker and/or the part. People are always like, "God, you always do all these independent movies, why did you do 'Jurassic Park?'" It's like -- because Steven Spielberg is directing it! Kind of a no-brainer, even though it was a very different kind of movie for me. He's so brilliant, and it was just an amazing experience to work with him, and a really surreal movie at the time -- CGI was newer, and this guy was going to make this movie where dinosaurs come to life. It was kind of insane, too. David and Steven remind me a lot of each other, they really do. They're both great friends in my life and extreme in their passion and their vision, even though their worlds are so different.

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