Dr. Phil draws the line

Line seemingly drawn into script before taping of show.

By David Puner
Published December 14, 2006 4:35PM (EST)

The following clip from Dr. Phil's show is despicable for so many reasons. Check out the moment Phil rolls tape (28 seconds in) and then the moment he demands the control room cut it (01:45) -- same transition. Phil's indignant order to stop the footage is seemingly scripted (and it seems he's a little late on his cue, by the way). If true, Phil didn't halt anything early, and instead actually gave Mr. "Bumfight" way more than a minute of promotion. As host, didn't Phil screen the footage before the show? And even though Mr. "Bumfight" is probably going to hell, props for going on the show with the shaved head and mustache.

David Puner

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