Editor's picks 2006: Life

Anthony Bourdain in Beirut, anti-birth-control activists, the insecurities of post-baby sex and much more.

By Salon Staff
Published December 25, 2006 12:31PM (EST)


Sexual healing
I used to relish the challenge of being good in bed. I read the Kama Sutra with steely discipline, confident there wasn't a skill I couldn't master. Then I had a baby.
By Mary Elizabeth Williams

Hooray, Celexa took my sex drive away!
And now my wife can't manipulate me.
By Cary Tennis

Thugs for puppies
The militant animal rights group SHAC has one goal: Cripple a lab that tests (and kills) dogs and monkeys. They say they're activists. The government calls them terrorists.
By John Cook

Topless bodies found in brainless magazine
Filled with headless nudes, upside-down legs and vast, inflated breasts, Vanity Fair's Hollywood issue is a giant package of artificial cheese.
By Rebecca Traister

Open adoption, broken heart
I knew it would be hard for my daughter's birth mother to give her up. I just didn't expect to feel so guilty for taking her.
By Dawn Friedman

The battle to ban birth control
Using bogus health facts to scare women about the "dangers" of contraception, a fledgling movement fights for a culture in which sex = procreation.
By Priya Jain

Madness, medication and motherhood
I have bipolar disorder. I want a child, but I am terrified of going off my meds -- and of birth defects. Do I dare trust this body to create another one?
By Maud Casey

Spare the quarter-inch plumbing supply line, spoil the child
Saying no to "timeouts," some fundamentalist Christians "train up" their children by carefully hitting them with switches, PVC pipes and other "chastening instruments."
By Lynn Harris

The lost boys of Colorado City
Over the past five years, a fundamentalist Mormon "prophet" has banished as many as 400 boys from his Arizona town. Now the teens, once forbidden to even watch a movie, are adrift in a world of drugs, girls and depression.
By Kimberly Sevcik

Watching Beirut die
We went to Beirut to film a TV show about the city's newly vibrant culinary and cultural scene. Then the bombs started falling, and we could only stand on the barricades of our hotel balcony and watch it all disappear -- again.
By Anthony Bourdain

Bad taste
Boiled duck embryos, lobster foam, and freeze-dried steak wrapped in washcloth! Our favorite food writers relive their worst meals.
By Jane and Michael Stern, Regina Schrambling, Steven Rinella, Julie Powell, Michael Ruhlman and Robert Sietsema

Hillary is us
Feminists want to see in Hillary Rodham Clinton what they want to see in themselves. With expectations so high, can the potential presidential candidate do anything but let women down?
By Rebecca Traister

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