Editor's picks 2006: Opinion

Our pundits and analysts on the Danish cartoons, maddening airport security, Howard Dean's 50-state strategy, the GOP's outrageous rap sheet and more.

By Salon Staff
Published December 29, 2006 1:30PM (EST)


Rotten judgment in the state of Denmark
The Danish paper that printed the cartoons wanted to stir up trouble -- and the government wanted a culture war. They got more than they bargained for.
By Jytte Klausen

Abu Ghraib and Salon
By continuing to publish documentation of the abuse, we hope to shed light on a chapter in American history that this administration has tried to keep in the shadows.
By Joan Walsh

The case for globalized labor
It is economically and morally wrong for the world's poor immigrants to be locked out of work in the richest countries.
By Stephan Faris

Israel's failed-state strategy
Olmert's smashing of Gaza reveals his greatest fear: A viable Palestinian government he'd have to negotiate with.
By Juan Cole

Is airport security futile?
First it was tweezers, now mascara. Every penny spent confiscating makeup is a penny that could go toward law enforcement -- where it really matters.
By Patrick Smith

September song
Back-to-school day came again, and with it an urgent question: Why does it take the memory of a Hello Kitty lunchbox to make you realize that life is not a drill?
By Gary Kamiya

The Scandal Sheet
Don't just read it and weep -- pin it on your wall, fax it to Nancy Pelosi. A dozen reasons to throw the bums out of Washington.
By Mark Follman and Tracy Clark-Flory

Howard Dean, vindicated
The DNC chairman's "crazy" strategy of rebuilding the Democratic Party across all states helped it ride the national wave against the GOP.
By Joe Conason

Do Democrats need the South?
The party is doing fine, winning the Northeast, the West and the Midwest. So why is James Carville still pushing a Southern strategy?
By Thomas F. Schaller

All the father's men
Bush family guardians James Baker and others are trying to rescue "Sonny" from his failed Middle East policies. Will he listen this time?
By Sidney Blumenthal

No graceful exit
We blundered into Iraq for made-in-America reasons. Now our absorption in domestic politics will dictate our blundering out.
By Walter Shapiro

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