Saddam gallows video

A dictator's final moments.

By David Puner
Published January 2, 2007 3:22PM (EST)

Here's the unsettling footage that emerged Saturday of the moments just before Saddam Hussein's hanging on the gallows, followed by the drop. It has inspired an interesting response from news networks about which ones have and will run the footage and whether television or the Internet is a more appropriate forum for it. As the Guardian put it, the video shows Saddam being "tormented by the hooded executioners or witnesses shouting at him to 'Go to hell' and chanting the name 'Moqtada', the radical Shia Muslim cleric and leader of the Mahdi army militia, Moqtada al-Sadr" in a "scene that risks increasing sectarian tension in Iraq." Warning: This video is grainy, but very graphic.

David Puner

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