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A Fox News anchor gives props to the president for admitting cocaine use.

Published January 3, 2007 6:49PM (EST)

In a segment in which pundits pondered whether Barack Obama's decade-old admission that he tried cocaine as a youth would hurt his presidential chances, Fox News' Kiran Chetry argued that Obama's honesty on the subject was akin to that exhibited by George W. Bush.

"There's something to be said for defusing any negative attacks that could come your way," she said. "He talks very candidly, as did our current president, who admitted to cocaine use, correct?"

Chetry's colleagues pointed out that Bush hadn't made any such admission, but the diligent newswoman tried to press on. "Well, somebody wrote in a book -- well, he admitted that he had been an alcoholic, and that he had a drinking problem. Who was it who said they witnessed him using cocaine? It was somebody who wrote a book about the Bush family ..."

When Chetry's colleagues said that there are a lot of books about the Bushes, she argued hard for the truthiness of what she'd said: "OK, OK, fine," she said. "But there were questions about the current president and whether or not he used cocaine ... as a young guy. There's something about turning your life around and being on the straight and narrow now that people can accept."

Doing their best to fair-and-balance the segment, Chetry's Fox friends opined that Obama had probably used cocaine repeatedly and that Bill Clinton had lied when he said that he'd tried marijuana but did not inhale.

Raw Story has the video.

By Tim Grieve

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