A change of power in Congress? Doesn't bleed, doesn't lead

As Democrats take control, Fox covers crime stories in Pennsylvania and Colorado.

By Tim Grieve
Published January 4, 2007 5:05PM (EST)

Which news network can do the most to trivialize the Democrats' takeover of Congress today? We thought CNN had the crown when we saw its on-screen "Shift of Power" countdown clock, but then we turned to Fox News, where Major Garrett's report focused on the fact that television reporters will be allowed to report from the House chamber today -- and that he just saw Tony Bennett roaming the halls of Congress.

As the House and Senate convened and Dick Cheney swore in the senators who will create the new Democratic majority, CNN carried the events live. Fox didn't, choosing instead to go with an extended, two-part report about a "murder mystery" involving the wife of a University of Pennsylvania professor, a press conference from Denver about a murder case there and a "Because You Asked" feature with Fox anchor Bill Hemmer.

Tim Grieve

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