Oppose the "surge"? Act fast

Defense official says first additional troops will begin moving into Iraq by the end of the month.

By Tim Grieve
Published January 9, 2007 9:40PM (EST)

As we noted a short while ago, Virginia Sen. John Warner said this afternoon that Democrats and Republicans should take a "timeout" before responding to the president's plan for a new "way forward" in Iraq. "Let's just give it a little time," Warner said as he pushed for a period of "concentrated" congressional "study" of the president's plan.

Tony Snow uttered similar words at the White House this afternoon, insisting that the president's speech Wednesday night "is not the end of the debate" but rather "the beginning of an important consideration of how we move forward in Iraq . . . ."

All of which sounds perfectly reasonable, at least until you get to this: A senior defense official tells MSNBC that, under the president's plan -- the plan that has taken the president the better part of four months to create -- the first wave of additional U.S. troops will head for Iraq within the next three weeks.

Tim Grieve

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