Daily Download: "Handle It," MC Serch

Old-school rap from the host of "The White Rapper Show."

Published January 16, 2007 8:01AM (EST)

Pop music is always going to struggle with issues of race. Who's allowed to play what? Who's stealing from whom? Frankly, it all seems sort of beside the point to me, but I seem to be in the minority -- VH1 just launched "The White Rapper Show," a reality series that transplants 10 white rappers to the South Bronx to find out who's the most "authentic." One thing going for the show is the involvement of MC Serch, himself a talented (and white) rapper who earned a couple of gold records as a member of the multiracial 3rd Bass and was an executive producer on Nas' 1994 hip-hop classic "Illmatic." This download comes from Serch's "M.any Y.oung L.ives A.go," which was recorded in 1994 but is being released for the first time, in download-only format, starting in March.

-- D.M.

By Salon Staff

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