Is it Obama's time?

Tea leaves and a TV schedule suggest that there's news to come this week.

Published January 16, 2007 2:05PM (EST)

At some point over the past couple of weeks, Barack Obama stopped saying that a 2008 run was something he was thinking about and started saying that he'd have some sort of announcement soon. How soon is soon? It seems to be now, at least if the frenzied, watching-his-every-step attention being paid the Illinois senator is any indication.

CNN reports that Obama is "preparing to file the necessary paperwork" to create a 2008 exploratory committee. Chicago's NBC5 says that Obama will file those papers and maybe campaign in Iowa this week but won't make a formal announcement until sometime later. The Chicago Tribune has "a source" who says that Obama will be placing phone calls to political leaders today amid "speculation" that an "announcement on Obama's presidential intentions is imminent."

How imminent? Obama sort of promised Oprah Winfrey back in October that if he announced, he'd announce on her show. Taegan Goddard's Political Wire noted over the weekend that there's a hole in Oprah's otherwise very busy week-ahead schedule where this Wednesday's show should be.

By Tim Grieve

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