Kindler, gentler White House dinner

Because Reagan would've wanted it this way.

By David Puner
Published January 17, 2007 2:44PM (EST)

The White House Correspondents Association announced on Tuesday their entertainment for this year's dinner: Rich Little. But, will they be able to exhume the legendary impressionist by April 21? Little seems like an obvious, cowardly choice after Stephen Colbert's explosive performance last year. The clip below is a relatively recent Little appearance on the Letterman show -- he performs impressions of the likes of Johnny Carson, Reagan and Andy Rooney.

We like this line from today's "San Francisco Chronicle": "On his Web site, Little posted a note Reagan wrote him in 1988, which incidentally was the year that Yakov Smirnoff played the White House Correspondents dinner ..."

And, here's the latest installment of Letterman's "Great Moments in Presidential Speeches," featuring Little's future-most prominent audience member.

David Puner

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