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The world's oldest woman died today. Also, the first-ever all female peacekeeping troop.

By Tracy Clark-Flory
Published January 19, 2007 8:00PM (EST)

The Associated Press: The first-ever all female United Nations peacekeeping force will arrive in Liberia this weekend. Why the women-only team? "Women police are seen to be much less threatening, although they can be just as tough as men. But in a conflict situation, they are more approachable and it makes women and children feel safer," Seema Dhundia, a unit commander, told the AP.

HealthDay News: The American Cancer Society announced its recommendation that girls age 11 to 12 be vaccinated against HPV. "The vaccine holds remarkable potential, but unless the same populations of women who right now do not have access to or do not seek regular Pap tests gets this vaccine, it will have limited impact," said Dr. Harmon J. Eyre, chief medical officer of the ACS. In other words, widespread vaccinations are needed for the vaccine to be truly effective.

MSNBC: The world's oldest woman died today at age 115 in Montreal, Canada. "She was tough, feisty and self-sufficient," said her nephew, Andre Bertrand, 73.

Fox News via Feministing: Three pregnant girls staying at a Utah maternity home for pregnant teens "whacked the director in the head with a frying pan," tied her up with an extension cord and escaped in a stolen car.

Washington Post: Robin Givhan calls the Council of Fashion Designers of America's recently released health guidelines "pure mumbo jumbo" and offers up some much-needed common sense in the industry's anorexia debate: "The fashion industry has to ask itself: Why do we want to be represented by a model who the average person would suspect is sick? Why shoot an advertising campaign using a model that women would pity rather than envy? The fashion industry likes to point out that a lot of these models are naturally super-skinny because of their metabolism, age or genetics. So what? Pear shapes are natural, too, but the industry has no trouble rejecting them...Designers regularly tell models they are too short, fat, exotic, ethnic, all-American. Surely they can manage to tell a few models they're simply too thin."

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