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From mouth harp to hip-hop. Plus: Exclusives from Deerhoof and Clinic.

By Salon Staff
Published January 20, 2007 2:00AM (EST)

It was a busy, diverse week here at Audiofile, as we offered up some old-time mouth harp, some old-school hip-hop, a back-porch stomper and a couple of exclusives from Deerhoof and Clinic. Time to listen to any you may have missed -- and don't forget to browse through Audiofile's archive of hundreds of free, legal downloads, either alphabetically or by date.

"The Perfect Me," Deerhoof
A great example of Deerhoof's charming, kitchen-sink approach to songwriting.

"Handle It," MC Serch
This download comes from Serch's "M.any Y.oung L.ives A.go," which was recorded in 1994 but is being released for the first time, in download-only format, starting in March.

"La De Da," Link Wray
This song is a world away from the slick country rock of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young or the Eagles, sounding more like a funky and loose back-porch jam.

"Sally Goodin," Obed Pickard"
You might not want to play this song in a public place -- the good-time melody and joyously springy sound of the mouth harp are liable to start a hoedown.

"Family," Clinic
This track, the leadoff number from its upcoming album, "Visitations," finds the band in ferocious garage-blues mode.

-- D.M.

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