"The Bible Says"

Donnie Davies: the man, the myth, and the mustache.

Published January 23, 2007 8:57PM (EST)

Meet Donnie Davies. He's a singer/songwriter ... and also the developer of "C.H.O.P.S" (Changing Homosexuals into Ordinary People). This is one Christian Youth expert with a pretty full plate. You can read more about Donnie and his, uh, organization here. Lots of people linking to this one, and alerting us to it, too. And while no one knows for sure whether it's an elaborate prank or just one seriously misguided young man (we think the former), one thing we know for certain: sweet 'stache, dude.

The Bible Says

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The following clip appears on Donnie's very own page on the site. Here, seemingly reporting from inside a correctional facility -- Donnie enthusiastically welcomes you and talks about "the fight for freedom" (you know what he's talking about, he says).

By David Puner

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