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The Shins, a mash-up and some foulmouthed blues from Samuel L. Jackson.

Published January 27, 2007 8:01AM (EST)

Phantom limbs and moonshots, mash-ups and foulmouthed blues: All in all, a typically wacky week here at Audiofile. Go ahead and check out any of these great songs you may have missed, and if you're looking for more, browse through Audiofile's archive -- alphabetically or by date -- for hundreds of other free, legal downloads.

"Phantom Limb," the Shins
The lovely "Phantom Limb," from their new "Wincing the Night Away," suggests the Shins have stayed true to their own brand of off-kilter guitar pop.

"Moonshot," Britta Phillips and Dean Wareham
Fans of Luna or Wareham's band Galaxie 500 will enjoy the way the duo's stylish languor lends the song an appropriately dreamy, spacey vibe that conjures up images of silver jumpsuits and blue martinis.

"Bounce That," Girl Talk
This kind of ADD dance music mash-up may not be your bag, but you've got to admire the sideways thinking of someone so skilled at turning disparate parts into danceable wholes.

"Stackolee," Samuel L. Jackson
Jackson clearly relishes the song's badass lyrics -- which afford him ample opportunity to wrap his lips around a certain four-syllable curse word he has come to be closely associated with.

"Close the Door," the Holmes Brothers
The song is an example of how you can play folk music without sounding like a relic.

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