A freeze-out for Fox?

The network's CEO has reportedly called Barack Obama to try to patch things up.

Published January 31, 2007 5:58PM (EST)

For a time -- and for all we know, that time may continue -- Dick Cheney's office denied reporters from the New York Times a seat on Air Force Two. Barack Obama doesn't have such a fancy airplane yet, but he's showing that two can still play that game. According to the Washington Post's Mary Ann Akers, Fox News reporters and producers are complaining that Obama has frozen them out in the wake of the network's false report that he attended a jihadist school as a child.

Akers says that CEO Roger Ailes has tried to patch things up with two telephone calls to Obama. Others from the "fair and balanced" team are taking a harder tack. A spokeswoman for the network says that if Obama's people have made a decision to freeze out Fox, they should reconsider in light of the fact that their candidate "is trailing by 20 points in the polls."

By Tim Grieve

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