Matalin to Libby: Wilson a "snake," and Russert hates Matthews

Notes reflect efforts to respond to the controversy raised by Joseph Wilson's Op-Ed.

Published January 31, 2007 5:57PM (EST)

The jury probably won't see them, but Patrick Fitzgerald apparently has notes from a conversation Scooter Libby had with Mary Matalin about how the vice president's office should respond to the controversy created by Joseph Wilson's what-I-didn't-find-in-Niger Op-Ed.

Among the highlights of those notes: Matalin called Wilson "a snake" and urged the White House to get at his "motivation" for making the allegations he did in the Op-Ed.

Libby was apparently upset about the way the story was playing on Chris Matthews' "Hardball." Matalin's suggestion: Libby should take his complaints to Tim Russert because "he hates Chris."

By Tim Grieve

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