Limbaugh to be a Nobel laureate?

Apparently responding to Al Gore's nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, Mark Levin nominates Rush Limbaugh. There's just one problem.

By Alex Koppelman
Published February 1, 2007 8:35PM (EST)

Apparently not happy with the idea of Al Gore getting to bask in the spotlight of his recent nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, conservative radio host Mark Levin has announced, on his blog for the National Review, that his Landmark Legal Foundation has (sort of) nominated Rush Limbaugh for the prize as well.

The person who answered the phone at the Landmark Legal Foundation told us Levin was too busy to talk with us, then hung up when we asked if anyone else was available to comment. (We didn't even get a chance to say what we wanted them to comment about.) So we can't say for sure, but we suspect that Limbaugh probably shouldn't spend the prize money yet because, well, Landmark doesn't seem to fit the description of qualified nominators given on the Nobel site. Also, the letter Levin sent to the chairman of the Nobel Institute says that the nomination of Limbaugh is "unsolicited"; as the Nobel site notes quite prominently, the official nomination process is by invitation only -- confidential forms are mailed to qualified nominators.

Of course, the obvious illegitimacy of unsolicited nominations hasn't stopped Levin's friend Sean Hannity from citing one such "nomination" in the past, so maybe Limbaugh -- a member of the board of advisors at Landmark, by the way -- will add Levin's little joke to his résumé. He should probably be careful, though; El Rushbo himself once called Nobel Prize winners "egghead elitists who can't even button their shirts."


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