Exclusive Daily Download: "I.C.E.," Antibalas

New York's Fela fanatics offer up some subdued Afrobeat.

By Salon Staff
Published February 2, 2007 8:01AM (EST)

Here's the more formal counterpart to Wednesday's download from the Boredoms. The sprawling Afrobeat group Antibalas works within the same polyrhythmic groove as their spiritual inspiration, Fela Kuti, who pioneered Afrobeat in the '70s by mixing American funk with African rhythms and some fierce political rhetoric. Antibalas have been walking proudly in Fela's footsteps since they formed in New York in the late '90s, making music perfect for dancing, fighting and another word that ends in "ing." This exclusive track from the band's upcoming "Security" album is a little less frenetic than its usual output, though no less intense.

-- D.M.

Salon Staff

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