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The members of Table Talk, Salon's reader community, come together this week to mark the passing of an American original.

Published February 2, 2007 11:36AM (EST)

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Molly Ivins, We love you and will miss you

Bill Froelich -- 08:42 am Pacific Time -- Jan 31, 2007 -- #4 of 65

I've always loved Molly's writing and I subscribe to the theory that what a writer most reveals in her/his writing is him/herself. It's difficult if not impossible to conceal your true self when you write as much as Molly did. Her writing revealed her to be a very loving and caring person.

She will be missed.

Brindledawg - 03:33 pm Pacific Time -- Jan 31, 2007 -- #21 of 65

Sniffle, sniffle, sob, sob, crying and gnashing of teeth over this situation. I guess Art Buchwald needs a drinking buddy.

purplesage - 04:03 pm Pacific Time -- Jan 31, 2007 -- #24 of 65

Her legacy will live on as a voice that dared to say what others would not speak. The ice storm that is about to hit the nation seems like a tribute from nature. She too could be harsh, but with that biting humor and smart wit that we all will miss.

ed s. - 04:48 pm Pacific Time -- Jan 31, 2007 -- #36 of 65

As I said in another place, the best damn person in the whole damn world just died.

R. Prichard -- 07:31 pm Pacific Time -- Jan 31, 2007 -- #50 of 65

Wish I still had Molly's column in which she first told about her breast cancer. Her main point was to urge everybody to get regular mammograms, but she was very touchingly funny about how hard it was to keep her spirits up despite the fact that she kept "flunking" tests, both toxological and new age.

It was hard to resist letting "flunking" make her feel guilty and inferior. I hadn't yet been diagnosed when I read that column, but I thought of it often during my two bouts of cancer.

Molly was a great winner and I was proud of her that she protected her incomparable spirit.

Nancy Richardson - 05:46 am Pacific Time -- Feb 1, 2007 -- #56 of 65

You know something really neat about Molly Ivins ... and a tribute to her, as well. I have been clicking around the blogs, and have found that there is universal outpouring of unconditional love for this woman, just on the basis of her work alone.

Also, what is actually very neat is that I know absolutely nothing about her personal life ... which it seems, she was successfully able to keep private ... and what's more ... that is extremely cool.

It is refreshing that someone can be so loved just for her ideas and how she expressed them ... and that through her work, that is how people came to know her.

Mary Schumacher - 07:22 am Pacific Time -- Feb 1, 2007 -- #61 of 66

I haven't cried about anything in years -- but, to my surprise, I've been crying all morning about Molly. I think that's because I feel we've lost someone with qualities that are so rarely available, yet so very sorely needed, at this time in our history.

She was someone you could, at the darkest times, always turn to for wit, humanity and inspiration. There's no one else like her -- unfortunately for the rest of us. Although I only knew her through her writing, I will miss her so.

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