Gavin Newsom, before the flood

San Francisco Mayor's testy exchange with a reporter regarding "the drinking."

By David Puner
Published February 7, 2007 4:29PM (EST)

On Monday, in the wake of admitting to an affair with a former aide's wife, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom announced he was going to seek counseling for alcohol abuse. Here's the latest recap of Newsom's situation in today's San Francisco Chronicle. In hindsight, the following video, captured just a few weeks ago, provides an interesting glimpse of the mayor before the fall, as it were. Newsom is asked by a TV reporter to comment on reportedly showing up drunk at S.F. General Hospital the night a police officer was shot to death (to read the story apparently in question, click here and scroll down to "Mayoral visit"). In the video, Newsom channels Charlie Sheen's Bud Fox in telling the reporter not to take his impending snubbing personally.

David Puner

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