Politics at the Grammys

Quips from the Chicks, Ludacris, Gore.

By Kerry Lauerman
Published February 12, 2007 2:44PM (EST)

During their big wins Sunday night, the Dixie Chicks took some mild shots at the many detractors who so relentlessly attacked them after Maines told a London audience in 2003 that she was ashamed to be from the same state of Texas as George W. Bush. They deserved to take a few bigger slaps, but alas, they have too much damn dignity. Ludacris, who like the Chicks, has been the target of many a Bill O'Reilly attack, took his winning opportunity to gloat over the Fox scold -- and Oprah, who he's had a long-running feud with. And the wild resurgence of Al Gore resumed with a rousing round of applause for him when he emerged to hand a Grammy to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Kerry Lauerman

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