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Anna Nicole's bodyguard joins baby-daddy line. A new best in show. Plus: Paula Abdul has "never been drunk"?

Published February 14, 2007 2:30PM (EST)

First Word

Smith 911 call: The 31-second call that Seminole, Fla., police made to paramedics has been released to the public -- you can listen to it here. The only bit of news here is that Smith was already unconscious when police arrived -- the caller says, "She's not breathing and she's not responsive ... she's actually Anna Nicole Smith." Meanwhile, a judge in the Bahamas blocked Howard K. Stern from leaving the country with Smith's baby, Dannielynn, after Smith's mother arrived in the country and pleaded with the court to keep him from leaving. And potential daddy No. 5 has spoken up: Smith's former bodyguard Alex Denk says he may actually be the baby's father: "She always told me she wanted to have kids with me." He says he had an intimate relationship with his boss for two years, so "there's always a possibility." (People, TMZ, New York Daily News, Starpulse)

Sharon stoned? In the age of cellphone cameras, will no public celebrity weirdness go unfilmed? At a formal charity auction at the Berlin Film Festival this week, Sharon Stone stepped (or stumbled) into the role of auctioneer, and someone in the audience caught her antics on camera: After a long "Ssshhhhhhh" to get the crowd's attention, she says, "You talk, you bid; you move, you bid; you look at me wrong, you bid. You got it? You naughty little Germans. Naughty, nasty little Germans." (Watch the video here.) Asked what was behind Stone's behavior, her publicist told Fox News, "She doesn't drink." (LiveLeak)

Best in show: An English springer spaniel named James -- aka Ch. Felicity's Diamond Jim -- won the top prize at Tuesday's 131st Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York. He came to the show ranked No. 2 in the country, just below a Dandie named Harry, who was the audience favorite at Madison Square Garden. With the win, James will now go into retirement. (New York Times)

White noise ... Paula Abdul says every rumor about her drunken behavior has been wrong: "I've never been drunk. I have never done recreational drugs," she tells Us Weekly. "Just look at my 20-year career. Tell me someone who is into partying or doing drugs that could have done that." (Associated Press) ... Robbie Williams (right) celebrated his 33rd birthday on Tuesday with a trip to an Arizona rehab center. The reason, at least according to the Sun, is his depression over the massive success of his former band Take That's reunion tour, which Williams was not invited to participate in. (The Sun) ... The unlikely duo of Ben Stiller and Tom Cruise are reported to be pairing up for Fox's upcoming "Hardy Men," an update of the "Hardy Boys" mystery series. (Los Angeles Times) ... Pete Doherty has finally been banned from driving in the U.K. -- though only for two months -- after he was caught driving without his license or insurance. (Dlisted) ... Faith Hill and Tim McGraw's house in Los Angeles was robbed over the weekend; police say an unspecified amount of money was taken and that no one was home at the time of the burglary. (People)


InsurgentTube: The Iraq news aggregator Web site Iraq Slogger has a short post on how YouTube is being used by pro-Saddam insurgent groups, writing that the "Google-owned service is the Saddamists propaganda outlet of choice." A link to one insurgent Web site lists dozens of YouTube and LiveLeak clips, many with Saddam Hussein montages prefaced by quotes from the former dictator. (Iraq Slogger via Mediabistro)

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"CNN: 'We Dropped the Ball' -- Networks Criticized for Lack of Anna Nicole Smith Coverage" (Newsweek)

Ass Kiss Wednesday

Travels with George: It seems like a promising concept for a piece -- have outspoken art star Tracey Emin profile outspoken pop star George Michael -- but the resulting lovefest, which appears today in the U.K.'s Independent, is a little too syrupy even for Valentine's Day. Emin can't help trying to outshine her subject, noting that they share a scandalous P.R. image -- "George had been hitting the headlines for many different reasons and I, too, had had my fair share of flak. We shared a spirit of camaraderie" -- and that they both have roots in Cyprus. "Quite foolishly, I tell him that we're listed somewhere as the most famous people from Cyprus." When not trying to show off, though, she retreats to Hallmark sentiments: "George is right. Life is too short. I leave their room at four in the morning, quite tipsy, feeling really happy and I go to sleep with the voice of an angel in my mind." ("George Michael and Kenny Goss: A Pop Romance," the Independent)

"I got married on Valentine's Day so my husband would remember our anniversary. Now I have to remind him when Valentine's Day is."

-- New York real estate baroness Barbara Corcoran (Page Six)


Last week's top TV:
1. "American Idol," Tuesday (Fox), 33.4 million viewers
2. "American Idol," Wednesday (Fox), 27.9 million viewers
3. "Grey's Anatomy" (ABC), 25.2 million viewers
4. "House" (Fox), 24.9 million viewers
5. "CSI" (CBS), 22.5 million viewers
(Nielsen via USA Today)

Turn On

For the homebound and sappy this Valentine's Day, TCM offers back-to-back Audrey Hepburn with "Sabrina" (6 p.m. EST) and "Breakfast at Tiffany's" (7:05 p.m. EST), while PBS explores another side of the heart with "The Hidden Epidemic: Heart Disease in America" (check local listings). Also, "Lost" (ABC, 10 p.m. EST) returns to the beach and "Beauty and the Geek" (the CW, 8 p.m. EST) has its season finale.


The View (ABC, 11 a.m. EST) Courtney Thorne-Smith
Ellen (Syndicated, check local listings) Drew Barrymore, Jason Lewis, Lionel Richie
Oprah (Syndicated, check local listings) Valentine's Day mission
Charlie Rose (PBS, check local listings) Ban Ki-Moon
Larry King (CNN, 9 p.m. EST) Rudy Giuliani
Jon Stewart (Comedy Central, 11 p.m. EST) Ishmael Beah
Stephen Colbert (Comedy Central, 11:30 p.m. EST) Lance Armstrong
David Letterman (CBS, 11:30 p.m. EST) Martha Stewart, Otto Petersen with George, Norah Jones
Jay Leno (NBC, 11:35 p.m. EST) Sports Illustrated swimsuit-issue cover model, Charles Barkley, Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Jimmy Kimmel (ABC, 12:05 a.m. EST) Clay Aiken, Gabrielle Union, Madeleine Peyroux
Conan O'Brien (NBC, 12:35 a.m. EST) Drew Barrymore, Marc Maron, Apples in Stereo
Craig Ferguson (CBS, 12:35 a.m. EST) David Hasselhoff, Richard Wiese, Tom Lennon and Ben Garant, K.T. Tunstall

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