Tom Brady and the "relationship Hail Mary"

The star quarterback's ex is pregnant -- let the nudge-wink football metaphors begin!

By Catherine Price
Published February 20, 2007 9:17PM (EST)

A belated news flash for anyone, like me, who's behind on her Us Weeklies: The New England Patriots' star quarterback, Tom Brady, recently parted ways with his girlfriend of three years, actress and former model Bridget Moynahan. Brady has since been making time with supermodel Gisele Bündchen, of Victoria's Secret fame. But that's the background, not really the news flash. The news is that the 35-year-old Moynahan recently announced that she's over three months pregnant with Brady's baby. (Here's the scoop from People magazine.)

Certainly, crazier things have happened. But a reader just alerted us to this editorial in the Boston Herald, cleverly titled "Is Bridget Going for Goal as Clock Ticks?" Overrun with football metaphors, the article begins:

"Did Tom Brady's ex-galpal Bridget Moynahan see the clock running down on her three-year romance with the New England Patriots QB/QT last fall and run a quarterback sneak of her own? That's the prevailing opinion among friends of No. 12 who say Moynahan's pregnancy was a relationship Hail Mary."

(One of these unnamed friends is later quoted as saying, "She gives new meaning to 'The Tuck Rule' in that she clearly 'tucked away' the birth control when she saw the writing on the wall. Now she's set for life.")

Oh man. I don't know, nor do I really care, whether Moynahan -- who seems to have a successful career in her own right -- decided that she'd try to get knocked up to preserve her relationship or shore up her future finances. What I do have an issue with is that the editorial judges Moynahan for being pregnant with a man she had a three-year relationship with, while not questioning or judging Brady for frolicking around Europe with a lingerie model on his arm while his pregnant ex announces their upcoming child to the press. There's nothing inherently wrong with heading to Paris with Gisele Bündchen -- I know plenty of people who would welcome that opportunity. I'm just tired of insinuations that if a couple conceives and then breaks up, the woman must have been using her uterus to try to keep her man.

Catherine Price

Catherine Price is an award-winning journalist and author of Vitamania: How Vitamins Revolutionized the Way We Think About Food. Her written and multimedia work has appeared in publications including The Best American Science Writing, The New York Times, Popular Science, O: The Oprah Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Washington Post Magazine, Salon, Slate, Men’s Journal, Mother Jones, PARADE, Health Magazine, and Outside. Price lives in Philadelphia.

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