The little match girl's resurrection

Watch the Oscar-nominated Disney short -- and its earlier incarnations.

By David Puner
Published February 21, 2007 12:41AM (EST)

"The Little Matchgirl" is one of this year's Oscar-nominated shorts. A Disney adaptation of the Han Christian Andersen fairy tale, the film is directed by Roger Allers and produced by Don Hahn and began life intended to be one of a series of shorts comprising a feature-length sequel to "Fantasia." As is, it's a lovely, and heart-tugging, rendering of the classic holiday tearjerker. To read more about the story behind the film, go here.

It's also hardly the first time the match girl has been the muse of animators. To read more about this in the Wikipedia history of "The Little Match Girl," click here, and watch some of the selections below.

First up, the new Disney version. Get your hankies ready!

And here's a short Flash version of the same story made by a YouTube member from Lithuania who goes by the handle RegisCartoons -- you can check out his work here and here.

The following is quite a different interpretation by YouTuber Steven E. Atme.

And here's a classic version of "The Little Match Girl" from 1902 (titles and background music are not original).

Then there's this version of "The Little Match Girl" shot alternately in black and white and color in a modern day New York City setting.

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