Let the blurring begin

Romney's abortion flip flop.

Published February 21, 2007 3:00PM (EST)

Here's Mitt Romney in 2002, while running for governor of Massachusetts, adamantly backing the state's pro-choice laws: "I will preserve them; I will protect them; I will enforce them." So was he pro-choice? He says and then reiterates: "I don't accept either label, pro-choice or pro-life. Instead, I make it clear that I will preserve and protect a woman's right to choose." Now, running for the GOP presidential nomination, Romney's stance is considerably different than it was five years ago. Ruth Marcus writes in her Washington Post column today: "During his Massachusetts races, Romney paraded his conviction that 'abortion should be safe and legal in this country' and promised that 'you will not see me wavering' on Roe v. Wade. ... Now Romney says he opposes abortion except in cases of rape and incest or to save the life of the mother, and supports overturning Roe." (to read Marcus' column, "Mitt Romney's Extreme Makeover," click here)

By David Puner

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