Daily Download: "Kein Bock," Audionom

Hypnotic or heinous? You tell me.

Published February 28, 2007 8:01AM (EST)

Consider this track to be a little bit of a canary in a coal mine. "Kein Bock" comes from a new album that compiles the work of the on-again, off-again Swedish band Audionom. The band works a metronomic groove that calls to mind '70s acts like Hawkwind and Neu!, both of whom have been highly influential in certain heavy-metal and electronic music circles. Circular is a good word for this kind of music, as it forsakes melody and dynamics in favor of precision and relentless forward momentum. I find it easy to get lost in stuff like this, and love how seemingly minor changes take on added significance within the song's limited framework. But I also recognize it's the kind of stuff that sends some people running from the room. Where do you stand? And because you guys did such a good job following up on my request for extra Elton Motello info, I'm awarding more bonus points to whoever can tell me what the English translation of "Kein Bock" is.


By Salon Staff

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