Iraqi women's rights, evil Girl Scouts and more

Women are the first victims during conflict, says Iraq's minister of foreign affairs.

Published February 28, 2007 12:06AM (EST)

ABC News: In less heartening news, Pakistani police are searching for 10 men "accused of pressuring a woman to hand over her teenage daughter as payment for a 16-year-old poker debt."

HuffPo: Rachel Sklar skewers a recent Newsweek cover story about men and depression. "Newsweek, you had good intentions: Depression is a serious, crippling illness, debilitating in its effects on men, and women," she writes. "But [when] 14.9 million women are suffering, too, your coverage ought to be more balanced."

Adnkronos International: Iraq's minister of foreign affairs, Faten A. Mahmood, is taking a proactive stand on women's rights, announcing that "family law [in Iraq] should be renewed and all articles of the constitution should protect women." (Mahmood was speaking at a convention in Italy where she was attending a conference about equal opportunities.) She thinks it's important to pay attention to women's rights, even in Iraq's current chaos, because "in situations of conflict, women are the first victims."

National Action Against Obesity: Forget their cherubic faces and offers of Thin Mints: Girl Scouts want you to die, according to this group, which is organizing a boycott against the annual onslaught of Samoas. (For a counter-argument, check out

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