Bee sting

The "Daily Show's" skit on "foreign babies" presses buttons.

Published March 13, 2007 3:23PM (EDT)

"Daily Show" correspondent Samantha Bee's Monday night piece on "foreign baby fever" has ignited many of you to write in -- including one who claims: "It was one of the most offensive things I have ever seen on TV and they should be called out for it. If you think Rosie's 'ching, chong, ching, chong' comment on 'The View' was bad, this was 10 times more offensive and not funny." Bee does the whole bit in hopped-up, "Access Hollywood" style, and the true humor litmus test probably comes when she utters the phrase "roasted sesame" -- if you laughed, you'll find the whole piece hilarious. (And, we'll admit it, we did.) But we're willing to let you, the viewers, decide. What do you think? Did Bee go too far? Or do critics just have their PC panties in a bunch?

By Salon Staff

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